SA Radar

High Tech Security Solutions for South African Property Owners and Farmers

Finally a security solution that uses high-tech radar technology, without blowing your budget

Would you like to know how it works?

Well, lets say you have a Farmstead and people keep steasite_mapling the cable to your pump station.

Here is a google image of your farm with a superimposed triangle showing you where a Radar will be able to see and monitor

As you see, your homestead, as well as outlying areas and your pump station are being protected


Your monitoring software back at the homestead will pick up the intruder and notify you on the software, loaded on a laptop of desktop computer.

This tells you the distance of the target, number of intruders, speed and weight and exact positioning. This can be displayed on a map overlay that you load into the software.

On detection you then have the knowledge to act based on the event that you see. The radar has 2 alarm outputs should you wish to raise an audible or sms alarm from the unit.






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